Henry Gilbert1

M, b. 6 October 1917, d. 31 January 1998
FatherFlorian Gilbert b. 1 May 1882, d. 22 Feb 1953
MotherCélina Létourneau b. 9 Feb 1885, d. 13 Oct 1917
ChartsJean Dupuis Gilbert
Guillaume Letourneau
Noel Blanchet
Louis Hebert
Mathurin Thibodeau
João Rodrigues
Henry Gilbert 1942
     Henry Gilbert was born on 6 October 1917 at St-Camille, Québec, Canada.2,3
Upon the death of his mother, Henry lived with his Uncle Joseph Létourneau, his wife Marie Fortin and their children.
Henry lived with the Létourneau family in St-Théophile, Québec for about one year. In October of 1918, Marie delivered twins Marie Simone Rolande and Joseph Louis Roland. Joseph Louis Roland died in May 1919. It is not clear how long Henry lived with the Létourneau family but the stress of caring for Henry and the twins was too difficut for Marie and Henry went to live with is Uncle Olivier Gilbert, his wife Marie Rodrigue and their daughters Alice, Lucienne and Fabiana.1 He was raised by his Uncle Olivier Gilbert howerver there is no doumentation that he was legally adopted.1 He witnessed the marriage of Florence Blanchette and Antonio St. Hilaire on 18 August 1941 at St. Anne's Parrish, Berlin, New Hampshire, USA.4 Henry Gilbert became a US citizen on 22 October 1941 from Canada.5 He married Doris Blanchette, daughter of Joseph Blanchette and Georgiana Flamand, on 20 April 1942 at St Anne's Church, Berlin, New Hampshire, USA.6

Henry Gilbert began military service on 20 October 1942 at Portland, Maine, USA. In 1943, he was stationed at Ft. Myers, Florida, USA, where he served as a mess sargent.1 He ended military service on 31 December 1945 at Westover field, Massachusetts, USA.

Henry Gilbert was a welder, in 1946 at Brown Company Burgess Mill, Berlin, New Hampshire, USA.1

On 27 June 1947 at Chicoutimi, Québec, Canada, Henry Gilbert and the family were re-united when Henry returned to Canada after 25 years.7 The event was first time that Henry's wife Doris and daughter Diana met his father and sisters. During this reunion Henry asked his father why after all this time he had not come back to get him.1
Gilbert Reunion

Henry Gilbert was employed in June 1960 at Portsmouth Naval Ship Yard, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA.1 He retired from the PNSY in 1975.1

Henry Gilbert died of colon cancer on 31 January 1998 at his home at Dover, New Hampshire, USA, at age 80 with his sister Florence, daughter Susan and daughter-in-law Marie by his side.1 He was buried on 3 February 1998 at St. Charles Cemetery, Dover, New Hampshire, USA.8


Doris Blanchette b. 26 Aug 1916, d. 6 Jan 1989
Marriage*He married Doris Blanchette, daughter of Joseph Blanchette and Georgiana Flamand, on 20 April 1942 at St Anne's Church, Berlin, New Hampshire, USA.6
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