Eddy Blanchette1

M, b. 23 November 1896, d. 21 March 1977
FatherJoseph Blanchette b. 30 Jul 1871, d. 23 Jan 1963
MotherGeorgiana Flamand b. 25 Jun 1876, d. 29 Nov 1948
ChartsNoel Blanchet
Louis Hebert
Eddie Blanchette 1962
From the Brown Company archives Beyond Brown Paper
     Eddy Blanchette was born on 23 November 1896 at Berlin, New Hampshire, USA.2 He married Amelia Cadorette on 2 July 1917 at St. Anne's Parrish, Berlin, New Hampshire, USA.3 Eddy Blanchette registered for military service on 5 June 1918 at New Hampshire, USA.4 He co-owned and was employed by Blanchette Brothers Groceries and Meats Berlin, New Hampshire, USA.1 He was employed by Brown Company as an acid maker in 1961 at Berlin, New Hampshire, USA.1,5 He died on 21 March 1977 at Berlin, New Hampshire, USA, at age 80.6 He was buried at Ste Anne's Cemetery, Berlin, New Hampshire, USA.1


Amelia Cadorette d. 1990
Marriage*He married Amelia Cadorette on 2 July 1917 at St. Anne's Parrish, Berlin, New Hampshire, USA.3
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