Mabel Blanchette

F, b. 29 December 1899, d. 9 August 1963
FatherJoseph Blanchette b. 30 Jul 1871, d. 23 Jan 1963
MotherGeorgiana Flamand b. 25 Jun 1876, d. 29 Nov 1948
ChartsNoel Blanchet
Louis Hebert
Mabel Blanchette Mercier
     Mabel Blanchette was born on 29 December 1899 at Berlin, New Hampshire, USA.1 As of 28 April 1919,her married name was Mercier.2 She married Joseph Mercier, son of Louis Mercier and Amanda Brochu, on 28 April 1919 at St. Anne's Parrish, Berlin, New Hampshire, USA.3,2,4 Mabel Blanchette died on 9 August 1963 at age 63.3 She was buried at Mount Calvary Cemetery, Berlin, New Hampshire, USA.5
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